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The Byberry Canadian Walton website came about because of my interest in my family genealogy and a desire to have as much of the family under one roof as possible. This site is based on the work of many in particular the work of Norman Walton Swayne (Byberry Waltons I), Doug Whitehead (Byberry Waltons II) and Charles Gorman Walton (Jesse Walton a Loyalist and His Descendants). Many years ago I started working on my family tree, and as most people started close to home as time went on and data was collected I would work on it for awhile get frustrated because I couldn't find anything new and stop for awhile. I would always come back to it and continue after a break. In the mid 1990′s the link was made to the Byberry Walton's and all the previous work done by Swayne. This opened a whole world of new information. I was very lucky to pick up an original Byberry Waltons Volume I by Swayne about 1997 on ebay and the project began to incorporate the data into Family Tree Maker. The Family's focal point is the four Byberry Walton brothers: Nathaniel, Daniel, Thomas and William, they can be considered ground zero. Work continues both forward and backward, forward is not so bad there is a wealth of new information out there on the internet both in data and in contacts with family members with the same interests. Backwards is another story it has been very difficult to find any information on the family pre the Byberry Walton brothers. I know that there must have been some cousins of the brothers that lived and stay in Great Brittan and you should be able to bring those lines forward to today but the connection has just not been made..I will continue to hope to find that missing link at some time in the future.

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